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Help requested posted on 12th December 2018:

Youth Travel Ambassador

Following the success of the Junior Travel Ambassador scheme in Cambridgeshire, we are now looking to introduce Youth Travel Ambassadors. We would love to hear from anyone with experience of this. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Maree Richards

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Response posted on 14th December 2018 by:
Stephen Kelly


Youth Travel Ambassador

Hi Maree,
Here in Brighton we tend to work mainly with primary age children and have travel ambassadors for this age group. So not really any experience of Youth TA's. However we did try a Dragon's Den type project with a school (and worked with a group of youth cycling ambassadors, I guess)They pitched their cycling ideas to us and we chose a winner and the winner came up with a simple idea of incentivising cycling. It seemed to go down well.

Response posted on 21st December 2018 by:
April French


Youth Travel Ambassador

Hi, Maree.
We ran a successful YTA scheme here in Bromley for several years before turning it back over to TfL due to staffing cuts. Perhaps you could get in touch with Fiona Hedderman (, our contact at TfL for advice.
YTAs tend to involve much more hand-holding than JTAs, due to increased curriculum pressures and difficulty finding committed school staff to oversee the scheme. Through trial and error, we wound up settling on Year 9 as the ideal group for YTA. Year 7s are too new to the school to have a broad-enough view of travel issues at the school, Yr 8s mean recruiting from Yr 7s (as above), but Year 9 is usually a nice lull before the extreme pressure begins of moving toward GCSEs. We did Dragons' Dens, induction/training events, end-of-year celebration events.
If you'd like more details, please feel free to get in touch.
Best of luck!

Response posted on 5th January 2019 by:
Kris Beuret

T: 07771661156

Youth Travel Ambassador

Some years ago as part of the research for DfT's "Travel Requirements of Minority Ethnic Groups" we worked with South Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership to set up Youth Ambassadors for after school walking and especially bus travel where behavioural problems and bullying were identified. These problems were resulting in both security and road safety risks. A key aspect leading to success was selection of Ambassadors and training to include both the bullied and the bullies. No idea if this scheme has survived.

Response posted on 8th January 2019 by:
Patrick Jarman

T: 07703468784

Youth Travel Ambassador

We are a few months in to establishing the YTA model in Kent. We have had a certain amount of success with school projects and are about to do another recruitment drive. Very happy to chat things through and benefit from each others ideas / experiences.

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