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Help requested posted on 8th January 2019:

Walking Bus - Developing a Video Resource.

We are creating some video resources to help schools set up and run Walking Bus schemes. These videos will be combined with written guidance with the aim of providing a toolkit that requires little further support from the local authority. There are a number of topics that the video guidance could cover with around 9 minutes of film to play with.

If you are a local authority with experience of Walking Bus schemes I would like to hear your thoughts on how you picture video resources being useful for schools looking to set one up. Videos could be used to promote the idea within the school community, a step-by-step guide to setting one up, or training videos focusing on how to carry out particular stages i.e. carrying out a risk assessment. These are just some examples

Please follow this link to a quick 5min online survey to submit your thoughts:

Beryl Miles

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Response posted on 11th January 2019 by:
Dan Beckett


Walking Bus - Developing a Video Resource.

Good morning,

We ran a Walking Bus scheme a number of years ago and as part of it we developed a DVD that covered everything volunteers needed to know.

However, I had and continue to have doubts over the benefits of Walking Buses for a number of reasons. Chiefly, the workload and expense in setting them up and the detrimental effect it can have in encouraging walking to school, socially and in later life.

Sorry to hold a negative view but I thought you might find it useful, please feel free to email me to discuss in further detail.



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