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Help requested posted on 8th January 2019:

Advice re road juncton accident record

I wonder if you could please advise/forward any information you may have on record regarding the safety record of the junction in Eastbourne of Park Lane, Decoy Drive and Kings Drive - BN21 2UT?

My Panel is being asked to address the support for or against the development of a property on the corner of this junction which will increase traffic flow and movement. Any advice would be appreciated

Sandy Boyce-Sharpe
Ratton Neighbourhood Panel

Sandy Boyce-Sharpe

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Response posted on 10th January 2019 by:
Charles Thompson

T: 07883495768

Advice re road juncton accident record

You should be able to get collision information from the local highway authority, which I think is East Sussex. Try speaking to someone in the traffic section, if they still have such a thing.

Also, gives information on collisions.

In both cases the recorded collisions are those that have resulted in an injury to at least 1 road user AND have been reported to the Police. It is understood that there is considerable under-reporting of "slight" injury collisions and you're unlikely to get information on damage only collisions.

Response posted on 11th January 2019 by:
Brian Banks


Advice re road juncton accident record

Details of all recorded injury crashes within Sussex (East and West including Brighton and Hove) can be accessed via the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) crash portal -

Response posted on 14th January 2019 by:
Matthew Bartle


Advice re road juncton accident record

You could try East Sussex CC's map:

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