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Help requested posted on 12th June 2019:

Marshals - supporting children crossing the road

Marshals - volunteers from the school community guiding and supporting children crossing the road.

If you are a Local Authority that promotes 'marshals', would you mind sharing your Guidelines, Code of Practice and/or any advice?

This is in the context for locations where there is no School Crossing Patrol.

Thanks very much.

Colin Savage

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Response posted on 14th June 2019 by:
James Sutton


Marshals - supporting children crossing the road

Aside from our School Crossing Patrols, the closest thing that we have to a road marshal in Medway would be our adult Walking Bus volunteers, who assist the group of child pedestrians on their journey to and from school in line with a risk assessed route.

During our Walking Bus volunteer training session we emphasise that although the adult volunteers help facilitate crossing child pedestrians and conduct themselves in a similar manner as a SCP when doing so [standing in the centre of the road and directing the group from one side of the footway to the other] they do not have the legal right to stop traffic in the same way that a police officer and School Crossing Patrol would. Therefore the volunteers serve an important duty in assessing the traffic and escorting the group children across the road in their high-vis when it is safe to do so.

This item is referenced within our Medway Walking Bus Operating Guidelines under 'Routes', see:

Response posted on 14th June 2019 by:
Rae Callander


Marshals - supporting children crossing the road

We do not use Marshalls at schools without SCP's

Response posted on 18th June 2019 by:
Adeyemi Rapheal Obagbemiro

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Marshals - supporting children crossing the road

What is expected of me to assist children cross the road?
Can I be equipped and tutored for this service?

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