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Help requested posted on 27th June 2019:

Sequential roadside safety campaign in city

I've run a variety of distraction/minimise "failed to look properly" road safety campaigns over 6 years or so.

I've access to Correx signs on lamposts, digital bus stop signs via CSR and bus stop posters, plus I sometimes pay for bus backs.

Has anyone tried sequential advertising - breaking up message/s to run along a route? What was your experience? I've got quite a few concerns/things I need to think about. This time I want to focus on drivers and cyclists - looking for and doing signalling before manouvreing around key junctions.

Keith Baldock

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Response posted on 28th June 2019 by:
Roy Brocklebank


Sequential roadside safety campaign in city

Think cyclist

Cyclist think

Cyclist think car

Think Cyclist think Turn

Response posted on 29th June 2019 by:
Rod King


Sequential roadside safety campaign in city

So, you are thinking of running a series of sequential ads on boards on lamp posts which drivers will have to view and put together into a complete message. These will in particular ask drivers to focus on observing the road ahead and any cyclists on them.

Surely if you are to attract driver attention then you will have succeeded in creating the very distraction you are trying to avoid!

Response posted on 5th July 2019 by:
Keith Baldock


Sequential roadside safety campaign in city

Thanks for replies - yes, recognise the possible problems as in original post but wanted to see if there was any actual research or examples of best fits/pragmatic approach on balance of risks.

Like your idea Roy - have you used it or seen it somewhere?

Response posted on 1st August 2019 by:
David Carter


Sequential roadside safety campaign in city

Quite a complex subject = SMIDSY that goes further than MSM. Not sure road-side signs can get to the heart of the matter.
- vehicles have blind spots, some more and bigger than others, clearly. All road users (not just cyclists) need to be aware of them and keep their presence in them to an absolute minimum. Diagonal/“diamond” positioning in multi-lane contexts (“escape route” for yourself and others)
- at junctions “failed to look properly” can be attributed to a whole bag of factors:
Rush, rush
Over-familiarity, complacency
Physical blocks on vision within and outside the vehicle
Saccadic masking
The eye’s blind spot (punctum caecum)
Physiological limitations

What is needed is an old-fashioned public information campaign, in my view. (Or a one-hour workshop that I run along those lines!)

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