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Help requested posted on 7th October 2019:

Anti social cycling

The apparently nationwide craze of gangs of (mostly male) young cyclists wheelying their bikes through live traffic lanes and pedestrian filled footpaths, has reached our sleepy county. I have been asked by a local school to "do an assembly" to dissuade the participants. I fear I may make the practice seem even more "fun" by talking against it. Has anyone else come across this and have a solution? Many thanks.

Martin Andrew

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Response posted on 17th October 2019 by:
Rod King

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Anti social cycling

Be thankful. 10 years ago they were running across roads playing "chicken".

Now they cycle down the road on one wheel.

I guess the key ask is what the "responsible adults" in cars will do to protect them from the consequence of their testosterone. Well, how about we "Drive slower". WHO and so many more say the only safe speed where motor vehicles mix with pedestrians is 20mph.

Response posted on 17th October 2019 by:
Andrew Russ


Anti social cycling

Kids being kids, how dare they?

Perhaps, if we provided, say, special lanes physically separated from motor vehicles; or did away with shared footway/cycleways - disliked by all users but beloved of councils and Sustrans because they're cheap and tick a box - so that everyone was clear that peds and cyclists shouldn't mix?

These are the measures we would take (or support) if we were serious about their and everyone else's safety, not just giving a stern talk.

(Or the other sanction which seems to have been used by at least one head - taking away the 'privelege' of cycling to school).

Response posted on 17th October 2019 by:
Charlie Holland

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Anti social cycling

Do the assembly in the playground with all pupils asked to bring their bikes in that day. Get in a couple of Bikeability instructors well used to doing SUD courses with lorry drivers. Have the instructors do a very brief introduction to covering brakes and giving consideration, time and space to others.
Then just say that the whole playground is there for pupils to cycle - it's 'free time'. After a few minutes stop the riding and ask if anyone is feeling intimated or bullied, and by whom. Refer those called out to the school's specialist in tackling bullying.

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