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Help requested posted on 7th October 2019:

Schools - Inconsiderate parking

Has anyone tried successfully any initiatives outside of enforcement to deter inconsiderate parking in and around schools. Like most Authorities, even where we have suitable parking restrictions in place, there are insufficient resources, other than occasionally, to enforce robustly. Therefore, looking to trial something from a more educational perspective to deter inconsiderate parking specifically.

Rob Camp

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Response posted on 17th October 2019 by:
Matthew McDonald


Schools - Inconsiderate parking

A local school here in Exeter organised a protest against inconsiderate parent parking. Children with placards held a protest out side the school where parents were parking on double yellows.

Response posted on 18th October 2019 by:
John Walsh

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Schools - Inconsiderate parking

Discussing this very topic with my daughter today following yet more ignorant flagrant parking on zig-zags outside my grandchildrens school in Lichfield. My son was with us and he confirmed that HIS kids school in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield is also a nightmare in this context - so that's a full house - 2 opinions, 2 serious problems.

Here are my thoughts.

Many schools have an available resource of "volunteers". Get each school to engage a "volunteer" equipped with a smartphone. Let call him/her "JO".

JO patrols the access road(s) at school start time and school end time. JO takes a picture of any flagrant infringements - JO waits 5 minutes and IF the offending parent/vehicle is STILL parked dangerously, JO takes a second picture.

JO goes online and RECORDS the incident (website to be developed - I can do that if necessary).
The website has CONNECTIVITY to DVLA ownership records via the REG. The ownership details are attached to the incident images and PUBLSIHED for public viewing keyed to both the REG and also to the OWNERSHIP name.

The STATS thus accrued can be searched by LOCATION (postcode, town, school and more) and the culprits publicly identified.

The STATS could be viewed by INSURANCE companies who cover the vehicle - by the POLICE if they want to discuss the issue with the vehicle owner - but most importantly the behaviour will be made PUBLIC and the perpetrators will need to face their peers daily.

There are undoubtedly some "issues" to address for such a scheme to become a reality, but A) they can all be addressed and sorted, and B) the end result will be fewer ignorant parents causing RISK to all other sensible parents children.

It's a shame to even have to consider such steps, but 10% of parents could not give a toss about the impact of their behaviour on others, nor the extra RISK it brings to injury outside schools.

3 months to create it - sorted !!!

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