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Help requested posted on 20th November 2019:

Safe Systems approach Case studies

I need to give a short presentation to explain the principles of the safe systems approach. It would be really useful to have some real examples of where the safe systems approach has been used to achieve a reduction in road casualty stats - can anyone help?
Thanks Suzanne

Suzanne Coles

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Safe Systems approach Case studies

Hi Suzanne,
Essential reading is: Zero Road Deaths and Serious Injuries - Leading a Paradigm Shift to a Safe System A report from The International Transport Forum

This report describes a paradigm shift in road safety policy, being led by a handful of countries, according to the principles of a Safe System.
A Safe System is based on the premise that road crashes are both predictable and preventable, and that it is possible to move towards zero road deaths and serious injuries. This, however, requires a fundamental rethink of the governance and implementation of road safety policy.

Please also check at:

Highways England has adopted The Safe System approach to its Casualty Reduction Action Plan. DfT has also adpoted The Safe System approach to its road safety plans with significant investment into improvements into infrastructure safety and vehicle safety regulation. Happy to advise further.

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Richard Owen

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Safe Systems approach Case studies

It's probably a good idea to hone in on a specific intervention that may be relevant to your roads. Applying 'the safe systems approach' is not in itself a helpful search term as it's too broad a concept.

For example, if you are concerned about drink driving you probably want to find evidence about the impact of measures that have proven to stop people drink driving. The best example of this is alcohol interlocks. Try the website for more information.

Remember, SS approaches do not align with traditional road safety education techniques but I suspect you already know that.

[Plug: We run one-day SS training courses for authorities]

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Beck Mckinney

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Safe Systems approach Case studies

Hi, we've done quite a bit of work in this space including producing a video to explain the Safe System approach

Kind regards


Response posted on 28th November 2019 by:
JP Doherty

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Safe Systems approach Case studies

I have seen very few examples of the Safe System in action. I suspect where there are case studies it would be difficult to determine if the difference in the intervention could be put down to the SS approach. It may just look like a traditional road safety intervention.

Where we have tried to move away from a traditional approach in the road/engineering pillar this has been met with a great deal of hostility and negativity by stakeholders.

Happy to have a further conversation about our own junctions mass action approach which uses the safe system. Its similar to iRAP and eurorap in some respects which are probably the only engineering examples I can think of.

Response posted on 5th December 2019 by:
Kelly Imberger


Safe Systems approach Case studies

Hi Suzanne

Austroads has a heap of documents on Safe System and also some PowerPoints. Here's a link to the search I did:

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