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Help requested posted on 26th November 2019:

Working age adults with additional needs

I've been approached by staff from our adult social care team asking for support in relation to working age adults who may have additional needs (either learning or physical disability). They have identified that for some adults a lack of understanding around road safety is a barrier to them being able to lead more independent lives and make journeys by themselves. I've been asked to attend a provider forum (organisatoins who provide support for those who fall into the category) & also attend a social workers meeting to discuss this.

This would be a new area of work for us so my questions are:
- Does anyone do this type of work already?
- Does anyone have any resources that we could use or useful places that we could signpost professionals to?

Rebecca James

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Response posted on 28th November 2019 by:
Gill Shaw


Working age adults with additional needs

Hi Rebecca
We use Independent Tavel Training to ensure vulnerable people develop the skills they need to travel independently and safely on public transport, by foot or by bike. Giving them experience of the routes they need or want to travel.

It also hopefully gives them transferrable skills to travel on their own and gives them experience so they can get to work, to education, or places where they want to go independently.

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