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Help requested posted on 28th November 2019:

Reliance on Satnavs vs Traffic Signing

Does anyone know of any fairly up to date research on satnav use? Ideally, we would like to know what % of drivers going to an unfamiliar destination would rely on their satnav rather than a map and traffic signing?

JP Doherty

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Response posted on 5th December 2019 by:
Nigel Flower

T: 01392383000

Reliance on Satnavs vs Traffic Signing

I'd be interested in this as I have identified a number of rural crossroads where we have had a number of very serious including fatal collisions due to what appears to be Satnav errors.

I have recently posed this question to Matt Butler who is part of the RACF's project regarding establishing a Road Collision investigation branch similar to air, rail and marine investigation.


Nigel Flower

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