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Help requested posted on 19th December 2019:

Barriers over the Highway

We have an issue with travellers stopping over at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac (public Highway), and non-Highways colleagues are asking if a height barrier can be installed similar to those at car park accesses. A barrier would still have to allow access for utilities / refuse wagons etc (someone has suggested lockable with CCTV able to remotely unlock), but I am also concerned that such a measure may be illegal in terms of obstruction. Has anyone had any similar experience, or suggest any suitable measures to prevent access for caravans etc? Many thanks.

Joe Walker

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Response posted on 19th December 2019 by:
Adrian Watling

T: 01702215398

Barriers over the Highway

From looking after height barriers in car parks I know there are a lot of people not knowing the height of their vehicles or have difficulty seeing the barriers & signs at all. They are constantly getting hit and become a maintenance issue.

Rising Bollards may be a better option with fob access for regular users or remote access for occasional users.

Response posted on 19th December 2019 by:
Derek C Donald

T: 01463792154

Barriers over the Highway

Have you considered a legal Traffic Order to enforce double yellow lines with edge of road tabs to include an exemption of the refuse vehicles and other approved vehicles that require access?
This would make it illegal to contravene the Order.
However enforcement may depend on who is approved by your Authority to enforce such a Traffic Order, but it wold mean that anyone contravening the Order could be immediately moved on by the enforcer.

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