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Help requested posted on 4th February 2020:

Vulnerable Adults and Children

I work for a local charity that arranges events and activities for vulnerable adults and children throughout Stoke on Trent. During our group yesterday we discussed what they would like to do during these sessions and one of the things they would like to do is learn about road safety.
I wondered if you could help me with this as I want to ensure that we are providing the correct education to our members.

Many thanks

Suzanne Gleeson

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Response posted on 4th February 2020 by:
Ruth Gore


Vulnerable Adults and Children

Check out Serious Comedy

They have some excellent, visual resources which we have used with young children and those with special needs. You can tailor you message to the level of the audience.
Very bright and funny.

Response posted on 5th February 2020 by:
Keith Baldock


Vulnerable Adults and Children

Hi - I do a few sessions a year as an RSO with groups. I've just tried out the interactive resource on this year. Works on a tablet - worth having a go.
Gives individual/small group chance to practice scenarios. It is free - worth persisting.

I use a simple presentation on travel with a few key things - DIMMS demo on seatbelts/doing things.

All best

Response posted on 6th February 2020 by:
John Billington


Vulnerable Adults and Children

Hi Suzanne

We produce a range of resources so might be able to help. Drop me an email if you still need assistance.


Response posted on 6th February 2020 by:
Louise Martin

T: 07854388385

Vulnerable Adults and Children

Hi Suzanne,

Staffs Safer Roads Partnership provide resources and deliver road safety packages to children and adults across Staffs and Stoke-on-Trent. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and I'm sure we'll be able to assist.


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