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Help requested posted on 15th September 2011:

pass plus vs. momentum vs. skills for life

I'm currently looking at offering post test observed driving to the students at our local college. I know that many authorities subsidise Pass Plus.
I'd be interested to hear of any experiences with Pass Plus or the IAM's Momentum and Skills for Life programmes. I'd also like to know what kind of subsidies you might offer and on what conditions.

Nicola Waight
Portsmouth City Council

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Response posted on 15th September 2011 by:
Martin Baker

T: 01202 262073

Pass Plus

Our Pass Plus Poole scheme ended in April last year but I will email you through the leaflet we used at the time - this sets out most of the terms and conditions.

Response posted on 15th September 2011 by:
Keith Baldock
Brighton and Hove City Council
T: 01273 292258

Passs Plus plus.

We do a New Driver Awareness session aimed at new drivers, but also potential drivers and passengers. We run public sessions - but due to lack of cashback we don't get many takers. Thus we're now doing it in colleges. It's an hour session.
Our local IAM group have been involved - originally they offered free drive checks to those going on a session, now they give a 10 or so discount. We carry their leaflets and point drivers to Momentum - also to RoSPAs advanced driving programme as well.
Fire and Rescue have used this as well.
I did IAM drivecheck and Advanced course a while ago and useful. As did a couple of people on NDA sessions. Haven't had anyone doing Momentum yet to my knowledge - will ask local IAM group. Contact if you want detail.

Response posted on 15th September 2011 by:
Andy Duff
Moray Council
T: 01343 562537

Pass Plus

We used to sponsor Pass Plus but stopped for budgetary reasons a couple of years ago. I would suggest you contact Jane Greer of Fife Police Road Safety Unit who sponsor Pass Plus and who have evaluated their scheme and produced a report several years ago on it. Her contact is

Response posted on 16th September 2011 by:
Pat Bates
Torfaen County Borough Council
T: 01495 742429

Pass Plus

In Wales we use Pass Plus Cymru which is an enhanced version of Pass Plus tageted at new drivers and those aged under 26. It is heavily subsidised by the Welsh local authorities via grant funding mechanisms. Includes evaluation. More info on:
clicking on the Pass Plus Cymru logo
or drop me an email.

Response posted on 16th September 2011 by:
Ian Edwards
eDriving Solutions Ltd
T: 0789 1903749

Pass Plus Development

When I worked at Kirklees MC I set up an enhanced pass plus scheme that included a 2 hour workshop looking at issues that influence novice driver judgement. This was linked to instructor training that aimed to improve the delivery of how the pass plus training was delivered. The evaluation of this course was promising and I have since developed many of the concepts further based on the EU-funded HERMES project (I was a member of the HERMES project). Ian

Response posted on 16th September 2011 by:
Eleanor Gibson
South Lanarkshire Council
T: 01698 453617

Pass Plus

South Lanarkshire Council has provided a subsidy of 75 towards the Pass Plus initiative since July 2007. To date 999 newly qualified drivers have benefitted from the subsidised scheme.
An evaluation of the initiative has been completed and the results are as follows:-
Annual evaluations of the Pass Plus project has produced the following: -

 82% of participants reported that the main reason they took part in Pass Plus was to improve their driving.
 55% stated that it was to allow them cheaper insurance.
 19% expressed that it was mainly due to parental influence.
 64% of Pass Plus participants reported that the scheme had had a major impact on their technical ability to drive.
 72% reported that it had significantly improved the safety of their driving.
 74% stated that Pass Plus had resulted in major improvements to their attitude and behaviour in a positive way.
 The main benefit experienced by most participants was the opportunity of gaining experience of motorway driving.

Response posted on 21st September 2011 by:
Penny Thorpe
Gwent Forum
T: 01633 463376

pass plus vs. momentum vs. skills for life

Hi Nicola,

All 22 authorities in Wales run Pass Plus Cymru. Check out the website and click on the Pass Plus Cymru box. It's different to DSA Pass Plus in that there's a two and a half hour evening workshop session, usually held at a local fire station. Candidates are then allocated to approved ADIs for up to 6 hours on the road.

We manage the scheme for 5 authorities. Our participants pay the ADI 20 when they start the practical, there is no further charge to them. We pay the ADI 80 per candidate and the local authorities pay us for the in-house administration. We are finding that most participants attend because their ADI encourages them.

It's been running in this format for about 3 years. Evaluation is ongoing.

Hope that helps

Penny Thorpe

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