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Help requested posted on 20th September 2010:

Professional advice/training

ET&P training: I've been working as the cycling officer in Southwark for the last 7 years. Since a re-organisation I am now looking after travel awareness but am interested in finding out more in the road safety field. Has anyone any suggestions of good, short, courses to go on/attend that could help, both in my current post and moving forwards in a possible RSO role or something dealing with ET&P?

Roger Stocker
London Borough of Southwark

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Response posted on 20th September 2010 by:
Peter Wilson
Westminster City Council
T: 020 7641 2016


have a lok at the TMS website (not Test Match special)

Response posted on 20th September 2010 by:
Keith Baldock
Brighton and Hove City Council
T: 01273 292258

RSO courses

I found the TMS course - RSO pt 2 - good, more comprehensive than anything else.

Response posted on 8th October 2010 by:
Stephen Lambertgs
Donegal County Council
T: n/a

Professional advice


I do not know what you mean by ET&P, can you clarify this?

There are plenty of good sources for road safety awareness and safety
training on the internet without undertaking the expense of "training"

Check out www. in Ireland and other similar sites in England.

Also, check which is the Irish National Roads Authority. Under
the publications section of the website you will find some evaluations of
accident remedial engineering schemes. Similar evaluations are available
under the Northern Ireland DRD website also known as DoE Roads Service.


Stephen Lambert

Response posted on 8th October 2010 by:
Ken Smithson
London Borough of Hillingdon
E: ksmithson@hillingdon,
T: n/a

Professional advice

Hello Roger
The Pan London TMS consultancy courses funded by TfL are about the best to get on if
you can. They do a range of things from ETP to audits and engineering
Good Luck
Kind Regards Ken

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