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Help requested posted on 30th September 2010:

Service costs (charging)

I would like to know the charges made for any road safety services provided by local authorities, including all training and education services. Many thanks.

Ruth Griffiths
Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership

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Response posted on 30th September 2010 by:
Rebeeca Prosser
Leeds City Council
T: 0113 52590

service costs

Hello Ruth,
We currently provide Bikeability Cycle Training free of charge as we have managed to draw down a grant from Cycling England. We used to offer our own vesion of Cycle Training (levels 1,2&3) which was charged at 3.50 per pupil for the Level 1 and 5 per pupil for Levels 2 & 3.

Our other programmes such as classroom based education and practical Pedestrian Skills Training are currently also provided free of charge.

The only services which we currently charge for are our 'Family cycle Training' sessions which cost 10 + VAT for approximately half a day's training and our 'Bike Buddy Service' which is currently offered to adults who can ride a bike, but perhaps just want a bit of a 'confidence' boost or help planning a route. We offer a 'buddy' who will cycle to (or from) work with them and provide tips and advice. The service costs 10 + VAT.

Obviously this is only the current state of affairs, and we may well have to look to change this in the future. It may be a matter of start to charge for services or withdraw them, but I guess that would be a worst case scenario.

Response posted on 30th September 2010 by:
Jeremy Philips
Devon County Council
T: 01392 383289

Service costs

Hello Ruth

Have a look at:

We also provide Road Safety professional development courses for partners and volunteers through the Devon Road Safety Academy and prices are dependent on the course. Too many to go into here and it's a sliding scale depending on where, how many etc. Let me know if you need to know more.



Jeremy Phillips
Road Safety Operations and Partnership Programme Manager
Devon County Council
Environment Economy and Culture Directorate
AB1 Lucombe House | County Hall | Topsham Road |Exeter | Devon | EX2 4QW

Tel: 01392 383289 | Fax: 01392 381459 | Mob: 07972 007306


Response posted on 8th October 2010 by:
Jon Jose
Shropshire Council
T: 01743 254960

Service costs


Shropshire Council - Road Safety Education charges

Driver assessments - 25.00 per hour

Bikeability training - 15.00 for Level 2

Theatre costs - 2,800.00 for 2010/11

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