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Help requested posted on 28th October 2010:

Merging Road Safety ETP team with Traffic Management Team

Having been given the "flexibility to spend less" a proposal is being put forward here to merge the road safety ETP and SCP team with the Traffic Management team.

There are some benefits and disbenefits of such a merger, which would see one unified multi-disciplinary team responsible for road safety ETP, the SCP service, collision data analysis including fatal collision investigation, small-scale traffic management improvements,SRTS schemes, implementation of cycling, walking and freight management policy, school transport appeals etc.

Does anyone have a similar set up operating at present, or considering it? If so, I'd appreciate you sharing your experience. Thanks

Robert Smith
Dorset County Council

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Response posted on 29th October 2010 by:
Alan Hale
South Gloucestershire Council
T: 01454 863607

Merging ETP - Traffic Management

Since I arrived in South Gloucestershire ETP in 2003 the ETP team has always been part of a service - which this week - is called Transportation Services, we have had a few names along the way.
I think it is safe to say that it was the same for years before.
My belief is that it works well because we should all be pursuing the same aim.
My team physically sits adjacent to the Accident Investigation team and that is of great benefit.
It also works well being close to the engineering because they will be dealing with new and revised SCP sites and cycling routes.
Hope this helps.

Response posted on 29th October 2010 by:
Nigel Horsley
Leicestershire County Council
T: 0116 305 7227

Merging ETP/Traffic Management

For a number of years, ETP, SCP, AIP, Traffic Management and Major Schemes teams have been combined in the Transport Schemes Development Group (TSD), part of the Environment and Transport Department at Leicestershire County Council. The five teams meet fortnightly on a formal basis, chaired by the Group manager. Activities are co-ordinated. The reporting process is through the Departmental Management Team and Lead Member briefings (weekly). The Group also provides the LCC input to the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership LLRRSP. It is my belief that this system works well; certainly it suits me.

Response posted on 29th October 2010 by:
Michael Byrne
Dublin City
T: 00353 1 222 2504

Merging Road Safety ETP team with Traffic Management Team

I have such a team here in Dublin City Council and has been operating very successfully for a number of years. We have managed to bring our collision stats down as to be awarded with first place in the table of 27 cities in the EU by the ETSC. This year so far we have had just 3 fatal crashes (2 drivers) and (1 pedestrian who walked out while drunk onto the roadway) During the mid to late 1980s we had on average 56 fatal collisions in the city.

This is down to the Traffic Management Team and the support of all staff to deliver an effective road safety crash collision programme and supported by the provision of RSE in schools and management of our School Warden Service (SPC) as part of this service.

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