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Help requested posted on 17th August 2012:

Young driver/moped user interactive equipment

We are running partnership road safety events in our local colleges later in the year and are looking for techology to make our event more interactive and engaging for this group. We're looking for recommendations for a seat belt sledge (or something else that makes the point) and a driving programme/simulator that we can hire. We already have access to a moped simulator through our links in the Fire Service. Is anyone able to recommend anything or a company that they have worked with before who could assist?

Nicola Waight
Portsmouth City Council

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Response posted on 19th August 2012 by:
Julie Jones
Oxfordshire County Council Fire & Rescue Service
T: 07769 915856

Seatbelt demo sled

Hi Nichola,

I made similar investigations and found;


The cost of the seatbelt sled trailer was about 5,000, plus delivery. Dimensions for the trailer are approx 21' long by 7'5" wide. Built to order in about 4-5 weeks.

I've recently found our neighbours in Gloucestershire Road Safety have a sled and they have agreed to loan it to us. We are just having staff specially trained for towing this kit and set in place a checking/testing programme for the sled (between events), with plan for 'partnership' launch next spring.

Maybe you'll find a nearby L.A. who is willing to loan for periods?

If you'd like I can supply the R.A. paperwork that Gloucestershire have provided. If so, please message me directly.


Response posted on 20th August 2012 by:
andy dickinson
Medway Council
T: 01634 331710

Moped equipment

Hi Nicola

For our moped riders we provide a session based around a dynamometer [called Dynostar]. This demonstrates how mopeds are tested to find out if they have been derestricted and opens up a discussion about handling and riding. This equipment is also use by our local Police Motorcycle team at the roadside. Please ask if you are interested in further details.

We alsd have a seatbelt sled from Fordham Trailers in Colchester [as mentioned by Julie]. It works well but due to the shock of its action, it has to be kept under close scrutiny for nuts coming loose, brake linkages breaking, seatbelt buckle cables wearing through. So a couple of spare seatbelts have been acquired from a friendly srap yard and some welding carried out for free to keep it going. We have done about 1,200 "rides" per year for the last three years.


Response posted on 20th August 2012 by:
Penny Thorpe
Gwent Forum
T: 01633 651006


BSM had simulators for learner drivers. They agree time/place to be and it arrived complete with local ADIs to run it. All you do is provide a throughput of students. Best of all its free. However, this is info from a couple of years ago so the programme may have finished now.

Response posted on 22nd August 2012 by:
Nick Walker
Stockton on Tees Borough Council
T: 07824529624

Moped Simulator

Hello Nicola,

We run a comprehensive motorcycle training programme that is run as a partnership between the local authorities of Hartlepool, Stockton on Tees, Middlessbrough, and Redcar & Cleveland, with support from the Cleveland Strategic Road Safety Partnership, with Stockton acting as the lead authority.

The programme is branded as Ridewell Tees Valley and is registered as an Approved Training Body with the Driving Standards Agency delivering CBT, Direct Access, Returning Rider, and a two day advanced Post Test programme.

This training is not contracted out, it is actually delivered using our own people and our own facilities and has been instrumental in reducing casulaties for motorcyclists accross the board as a vulnerable road user. All of our instructors are authorised by the DSA for this training delivery and we run as a ATB.

I constantly monitor casualty data and seek to run any additional initiatives based on intelligence from the casualty data that we receive via the partnership.

If i can offer any help or assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.

On the subject of the moped simulator, i'm sorry i haven't got one, but would be very interested if you can give me some more information on it.

Thank you in anticipation,

Kind Regards,

Nick Walker.

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