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Help requested posted on 11th November 2010:

Dangerous Journey

A fantastic film called Dangerous Journey (Tom Baker starred) was made many moons ago, and although still true with its content, it is very dated. Does anyone know of a more upto date film with the same message?


Stuart Howarth
Rochdale Casualty Reduction Team

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Response posted on 12th November 2010 by:
Donna Booth
Northumberland County Council
T: 01670 815799

Dangerous Journey

Never seen Dangerous Journey, so not sure if this is the type of thing your looking for but there is a new dvd called Ghost Street about dangers for young people on roads - visit www.ghost Quite graphic for 12 yr and over.

Response posted on 12th November 2010 by:
Beverly Lennox
Coventry City Council
T: n/a

Dangerous Journey


Is this for year 6 as at present we use a dvd called street cred that we have used for a few years, it goes down well with the young people, they remember it when we go out to see them again in year 7.


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