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Help requested posted on 30th May 2014:

Newly qualified Young Driver programme

We are just about to revamp our newly qualified Young Driver Programme. This is a bolt on to the theory side of Pass Plus. I'm looking for new ideas and ways to interact with this particular target group. If anyone is running a successful programme, particularly with interactive elements and they are willing to share them with me, please let me know.

Robin Mardon
Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

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Response posted on 30th May 2014 by:
Katie Brimley
Essex County Council
T: 01245 342897

Newly qualified young driver programme

A couple of websites that we have in Essex, in the process of updating, to target young drivers;

Response posted on 30th May 2014 by:
Honor Byford
95 Alive Partnership
T: 01609 532616

Enhanced Pass Plus

Hi Robin, We have a tested and evaulated add-on to Pass Plus that we will happily share with you. I have asked our Driver Training Officer to contact you when he is back in the office next week.

Response posted on 30th May 2014 by:
Sarah Collins
Cheshire West and Chester Council
T: 01244 976713

Young Drivers Programme

Hi Robin
Please take a look at the Engage Programme. Cheshire joined the scheme this year and I cannot recomend it enough.

Response posted on 2nd June 2014 by:
Joe Hockney
Sheffield City Council
T: 0114 273 6165


Hi Robin,

As part of the Engage programme (mentioned by Sarah above) we have developed a series of free e-learning modules.

We now offer a free 3-hour post-test session for newly qualified drivers. They are required to complete two of the e-modules (on Motorways and Night Driving) before their session.

Response posted on 3rd June 2014 by:
Ann Horton
Road Safety Wales
T: 02920 250600

Pass Plus Cymru

Hi Robin

We deliver a bolt on to Pass Plus across the whole of Wales. We would be happy to share the content.

More information can be found at or please feel free to telephone.


Response posted on 6th June 2014 by:
Nicholas Rowley
a2om international ltd
T: 01483604010

Young Driver Programme

Hi Robin,

a2om put together a graduated learning curriculum which carries an edexcel accreditation at BTEC level which includes a post test module. The programme goes under the name Drive iQ Pro. If you are interested in looking at only the post test elements it would be entirely possible to carve off this segment. There is a fully operational e learning platform to support the in car coaching. If this is of any interest please do drop me a line.

Best wishes,


Response posted on 11th June 2014 by:
June Howlett
Buckinghamshire County Council
T: 01296382338

Newly qualified Young Driver programme

Hello Robin
We have a scheme called Get in Gear which used best practice to develop an interactive workshop. I would be happy to share this with you, please contact me if you would like more details.
June Howlett

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