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Help requested posted on 7th April 2017:

Pictures of car crashes, but without the car


I'm looking for images of the aftermath of an RTC, but after the car has been removed. Nothing gory, but, for example, a bent lamp post or the broken wall of a house, or a destroyed bus shelter. If there is information detailing the cause of the RTC that would be ideal, for example: vehicle failed to stop, hit wall at 30mph. Driver distracted, mounted kerb, hit lamp post. Can anybody point me in the right direction, or has a few of these images?

Tom Rehaag

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Response posted on 12th April 2017 by:
Patrick Moore


Pictures of car crashes, but without the car

I have some images of a crash site at a mini roundabout adjacent to a school play ground. I have some details about the accident which involved two vehicles colliding and one breaking through the barrier railings and on through the school playground railings. Fortunately the incident occurred outside school hours.

If you think these would be of use then I would certainly share them with you.

Response posted on 13th April 2017 by:
Dan Trump


Pictures of car crashes, but without the car

Hi Tom,

Send me an email and i'll ping some over.

Response posted on 20th April 2017 by:
Lisa Scott

T: 03004706110

Pictures of car crashes, but without the car


Have you tried contacting your local police (Roads Policing or Collision Investigation teams)? They will be able to provide images that have been sanitised or are sufficiently historical, and will obviously be local to your area. They will not release anything that is not suitable or sensitive in any way. I've always found this to be better than using somewhere that is not identifiable to your audience.



Response posted on 4th May 2017 by:
Edward Handley

T: 0118 9883600

Pictures of car crashes, but without the car

I have one photograph I found on the internet a while ago of a wall with a hole punched through it. No car but the damage tells the story. If you e-mail me I can send it to you.

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