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Help requested posted on 10th April 2017:

Low Sun - Visibility and Speed

Promoting the dangers of driving at speed into low sun during mornings and evening periods. Any videos, still photos or comments welcome.

David Marshall

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Response posted on 10th April 2017 by:
Will Cubbin


Low Sun - Visibility and Speed

Here's a link to an article we had on our website back in Autumn.
Feel free to use the photo - I couldn't find a copyright free image so I took this myself (safely parked in a layby!)
It's a deliberately bad photo to show how low sun can affect visibility.

Response posted on 27th April 2017 by:
Earl Galavan

T: 1-604-888-2242

Low Sun - Visibility and Speed

I wrote a piece for our newsletter that had a number of 'fatal flaws' addressed. One of which was the contrasted lighting depending on the direction of travel. This is written for Canada but if it is of use you are welcome to do so.

Great photo by Will Cubbin. Its given me some ideas. Thanks!

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