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Help requested posted on 18th May 2017:

Child pedestrian training

I am looking to refresh our practical pedestrian training, with a view to potentially trading as a service to our schools. I'm interested in the format and general content of training in other areas, if people are happy to share? We currently train Y2 & Y5 pupils, in small groups. Each group receives classroom and roadside instruction in one session. I'd also be interested to know if anyone has carried out any evaluation of their scheme, and how this was done?

Jane Deeley

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Response posted on 18th May 2017 by:
Julie Jones


Child pedestrian training

Hi Jane,

Sounds like what you offer is very similar to what we call our Footsteps (child pedestrian safety) 'buddy' sessions. We give Yr 6 (or Yr 5) students a classroom lesson to prepare them to take out a younger child, in Yr 1 or 2, to the roadside to introduce the younger child to traffic.
We are not convinced this single experience is of road safety benefit to the younger child, but it may provide the older child with a little understanding of how to indentify some traffic risks.

We have never formally evaluated this particular programme so there's no knowing if it is of value.

We believe that for a child to be properly prepared to be a safer pedestrian - so they can cope when the time comes for independence - that parents/carers are the ones best place to do this. They are the ones who spend the most time out and about with children, can involve the child in the decisions about where and when to cross, providing them with lots and lots of practise, in a wide variety of traffic situations. That's why our focus is predominently at helping adults understand their role in getting their child ready to cope when the time comes for the child to go out without adult supervision.

Obviously there will always be parents that don't take their responsibilities ref helping their child develop decision making skills about traffic, just as there are those that, sadly, don't help their child learn to read, eat healthily, etc.

Good luck with your venture, I wish you well.

Road Safety Education
Oxfordshire County Council

Response posted on 19th May 2017 by:
Pat Bates


Child pedestrian training

Full details of the Kerbcraft scheme can be downloaded from the Road Safety Wales website;

Response posted on 25th May 2017 by:
Jan Brabin


Child pedestrian training

Hi Jane
We have delivered to Y3 and Y5 pupils for several years. However due to staff cuts this Summer we will be amending the sessions slightly. We will deliver Y2 a class lesson on Stop Look Listen Think and then the week after a practical Stop Look Listen Think session on a quiet road outside school. In Y5 we will deliver a practical session recapping SLLT and also the elements of Kerbcraft relating to crossing near parked cars and crossing at junctions.

Response posted on 16th October 2017 by:
Alan Innes


Child pedestrian training

Road safety magic show is ideal for all primary aged pedestrians.

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