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Help requested posted on 2nd June 2017:

Traffic Regualtions Orders around schools.

I have been asked to look into the effectiveness of Traffic Regulation Orders around schools. I am sure many of you have the same problem, no matter what we try and do in relation to putting orders in the parents just ignore them unless there is a CEO present. I was wondering if anybody had a policy where they do not put in TRO’s around schools?

Sue Whitehead

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Response posted on 5th June 2017 by:
Cheryl Evans

T: 01635 519984

Traffic Regualtions Orders around schools.

Hi Sue, We have the same problems around our schools but piloted the use of minicades placed in the vicinity of the zig zags to 10 of our schools. It has been highly effective in raising the awareness to parents - because it is so visual it embarrasses them.
Originally the idea came from Lancashire County Council who have been running their programme for 3 years and distributed to 350+ schools.
Let me know if you would like some further details.

Response posted on 8th June 2017 by:
Gareth Denovan

T: 01724297515

Traffic Regualtions Orders around schools.

Hi Cheryl. We would interested in seeing what you have done. Please could you forward the details.

Response posted on 8th June 2017 by:
Mark Foweraker


Traffic Regualtions Orders around schools.

Hi Cheryl and Sue.
I have to Gsearch* to find out what a minicade is and I think I found the right item, low folding A frame signs.

In Wales there has been a process of special authorisation for the use of Green Cones** which are placed and retrived by school staff***. This, along with a JRSO**** and PCSO can improve compliance even at sites with no TRO (which none had until recently).

Now as with Northumberland's example, enforcement has greatly increased compliance, especially using a car as the "I can't see a uniform so I can stop" is a risk as the enforcement car could be just around the corner.

* Bing! in fact to drop another name
** 450 mm placed at about 3 to 3 metres, the first issue to schools at no cost from our RS Ed budget then at cost to the school for lost and damaged
*** Facilities manager or Caretaker usually
**** Junior Road Safety Officer

Response posted on 16th June 2017 by:
Emma Ashley

T: 07709 010507

Traffic Regulations Orders around schools.

Hi All, I might be out of order here but as a driving instructor, a driver and a parent I am horrified by parent behaviour (and other driver) around local schools. I do my utmost to encourage new drivers not to do what the general populace seems to do but with so many bad examples around, I'm not convinced it will stick. I think there are two things that will make a difference. Firstly, if the schools themselves (maybe with concerned parents help) are given authority to enforce the restrictions and then do so and secondly if parents are educated as to the very real dangers caused by their selfish actions. It is a disappointment to me that local schools won't talk to driving instructors about this with a view to educating parents. Local authorities and schools need to start to think outside the box in respect to this problem. Parents will continue to wilfully break the law unless we provide them with a workable solution. I appreciate I'm telling you all things that you know but wanted to put my road safety credentials up there and say I understand and am doing my best to help. Regards

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