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Help requested posted on 17th July 2017:

Using ATLAS for Bikeability Training

We are currently looking at databases to help us with the bookings and administration of Bikeability training. We currently use ATLAS for driver training courses but wondered if anyone is currently using this for Bikeability? Any help would be appreciated.

Dean Pocock

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Response posted on 20th July 2017 by:
Darren Dowd


Using ATLAS for Bikeability Training

We also use Atlas for Driver Training, and we did look at using it for Bikeability Training a couple of years ago, thinking it could be similarly managed.
However, we struggled to make it work - our cycle training courses were being chopped and changed very frequently, requiring constant amendments to Atlas data.
The biggest problem we faced though was the cycle trainers themselves for the most part, failing to get to grips with the system. A failure to update their availability resulted in a number of courses being cancelled.
It may be that Atlas has been developed considerably since then, and might be better suited for Bikeability Training - good luck!

Response posted on 20th July 2017 by:
Hilary Wicks

T: 01245 342898

Using ATLAS for Bikeability Training

Dear Dean
We currently use Atlas for driver training and have been working with them for Bikeability. However we have been trying to sort this out for a year and we are still unable to use the system. Please give me a call if you want to know more.

Response posted on 20th July 2017 by:
David Showell

T: 07841678664

Using ATLAS for Bikeability Training

Hi Dean,

I run a company called Cycle Confident ( and we have a bespoke website we use for the booking and management of cycle training. We are able to lease this to organisations such as yourselves.

If you would like any more information please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call and I'd be happy to chat further

I hope you are enjoying the summer

Kind Regards

David Showell

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