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Help requested posted on 2nd September 2010:

Road Safety Presentations to People with Learning Difficulties

A Colleague @ Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue is looking to put together a road safety prenstation for people with learning difficulties. He would be very interested to know what other authorities are doing. He can be contacted by e-mail or telephone. His name is Gordon Osborne, or 01604 797168.

Julie Brown
Northamptonshire County Council

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Response posted on 8th September 2010 by:
Rina Cameron
Somerset County Council
T: 0844 980 0028

Resource for learning difficulties

Somerset County Council has a multi media resource available called 'A Step in the Right Direction' at 99 for people with learning difficulties/disabilities which is also suitable for KS1 and 2. It contains cds as well as DVDs and a tutor guide. If you would like further information please give me a ring.

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