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Help requested posted on 6th November 2017:

Cycle safety - business setting

Has any team produced a Powerpoint presentation aimed at adult cycle commuters? Would you be willing to share please. Many thanks.

Pamela Williams

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Response posted on 7th November 2017 by:
Iain Temperton

T: 01603 228921

Cycle safety - business setting

Hi Pamela

We run a workshop for business commuter cyclists, which has a Powerpoint element. It is not run as a presentation but we dip in to sections during the workshop. We take concerns / barriers from the group and use those as the session structure, so very client focused. Using roadway sheets and toy vehicles alongside the Powerpoint we discuss strategies for safe road use, followed up with the offer of on road training. Happy to tell you more if needed.

Response posted on 17th November 2017 by:
David Showell

T: 07841678664

Cycle safety - business setting

Hi Pamela

We have indeed and happy to share if you’d like.
Drop me an email so I know where to send it

David Showell

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