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Help requested posted on 4th December 2017:

CCTV lollipop ladies

Struggling to answer some issues in respect of lollipop lady body cameras - has anyone else used these before and has procedures/data protection policies in place?

Clare Withington

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Response posted on 4th December 2017 by:
Ron Paterson


CCTV lollipop ladies

Hi Clare
We launched a successful scheme working here in West Sussex using body-worn cameras. I no longer manage the SCP service but if you contact my colleague, Louise Bishop at She'll be happy to help with what we did and possibly share some of our documents. I'd urge you to read the RSGB guidelines as a starting point as we based all of our work on those.Ron

Response posted on 5th December 2017 by:
Richard Hall

T: 01724 297346

CCTV lollipop ladies

As Ron mentions there are the Road Safety GB Guidelines for the Use of Surveillance Cameras at SCP sites. These cover the legislation and processes you need to consider before going down this line. If you are looking to use footage for evidential purposes you will need to engage with the Police right from the start.
The Guidelines are available free to Road Safety GB members and can be found on the SCP page of the website(in the member's area).

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