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Help requested posted on 6th April 2018:

Body cameras for School Crossing Patrol Officers

I have to produce a committee report about the use of body cameras for school crossing patrol officers and I would be interested to hear about the advantages and disadvantages of allowing the use of them, the cost of camera and if they have had any impact within your area i.e. prosecutions, change in behaviours. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Emily Tester

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Response posted on 6th April 2018 by:
Andrew McGrorey

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Body cameras for School Crossing Patrol Officers

If you give me a call I am happy to chat about this

Response posted on 9th April 2018 by:
Richard Hall

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Body cameras for School Crossing Patrol Officers

Road Safety GB have produced some guidelines for the use of surveillance cameras at SCP sites, which you may find useful. They are available on the SCP page in the member's area.
It also depends on what you want to use the cameras for. If it for evidential purposes - to catch vehicles failing to stop or other incidents - then you need to involve the police from early on as the film needs to be treated as evidence for prosecution.
There are data protection and Human rights issues to be considered as well.

Response posted on 13th April 2018 by:
Mark Foweraker


Body cameras for School Crossing Patrol Officers

As well as the advice above, and from issues I have been aware of, you need to ensure that your Information Technology and Communications team(s) are consulted as you don't want to buy cameras to find that either you can't download the information, install associated software, or it is deemed that the information breaches data protection legislation*.
That said there is a change in police attitudes to camera footage collected by third parties, such as Operation Snap in Wales and other similar initiatives, but you should have a formal arrangement with your Police force if you expect their prompt action on failure to stop, assault and abuse cases.
*some systems encrypt the video in camera and it can only be decrypted and viewed on a host PC, thus if lost or stolen the camera and data are useless.

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