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Help requested posted on 14th June 2018:

Junior Travel Ambassador Conference

Hi, I am planning the first ever JTA conference for Cambridgeshire this Autumn. If you have already organised a JTA conference, I would love to hear from you and hopefully gain from your experience! Thanks

Maree Richards

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Response posted on 15th June 2018 by:
James Marsh

T: 020 3772 0744

Junior Travel Ambassador Conference

Hi Maree
I'd love to hear more about this - which is not the answer to your request! Sorry!

We've created lots of different resources for JTAs and JRSOs for various councils round the UK and always keen to hear about best practice.

When you have more details, please can you let me know by email?
Many thanks.

Response posted on 19th June 2018 by:
Jane Deeley


Junior Travel Ambassador Conference

Hi Maree, I used to run Travel Ambassador Conferences in my previous role in Swindon. We used several different formats, but tried to make them as active as possible. On two occasions we ran workshops through the day that schools could choose - these were based on things they would find useful for their travel plan work - e.g. data collection, poster design, cycling events, intro to traffic engineering, early years activities, using music & drama etc. We invited schools to give presentations or mount a display about their own work and made sure there was plenty of time to network and share ideas with other schools. It can be hard to get schools to mix, so we did force them to split up into different workshop groups when possible! One year we ran activities for primary pupils in one hall and took staff and secondary students off into separate groups, which was useful. We had a help-yourself resource table (cleared out the cupboards!) and ran activities such as a smoothie bike and bike-powered scalextric over the lunch break (BYO packed lunches - avoids all the allergy issues!)Goodie bags for each school, and a notebook & pencil for each pupil. Hope this is useful - feel free to contact me.

Response posted on 29th June 2018 by:
alan Innes

T: 07808 836420

Junior Travel Ambassador Conference

We have been involved in many JRSO events in Scotland.

A range of activities have been included such as lorry vision awareness, reaction timer, WOW, road safety magic shows and presentation skills workshops.

We have attended events only and also been facilitators of the whole event.

Give me a shout and happy to provide further details

Alan Innes

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