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Help requested posted on 20th June 2018:

Surrey, Sussex, Essex survey

I am involved in a major project based in the south and funded by Highways England and the NPCC. We are running a survey aimed at anyone who lives in, works in, or uses the roads of Surrey, Sussex or Essex and will use the findings to inform our future practice.

If you are based in or around those counties, please could you help us by promoting the following survey links?

We have been using the following text to explain, without leading (we hope!)

Do you use the roads of [insert county]?
Your opinion counts! We want to know what you think will improve road safety in the county.
Please complete this short questionnaire by clicking on the link below.

Sussex link

Surrey link

Essex link

Helen Wells

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Response posted on 25th June 2018 by:
Peter Seymour

T: 07775 646952

Surrey, Sussex, Essex survey

Dear Helen,
As an elected Representative of MAG (Motorcycle Action Group)I have taken the Surrey survey, since I do use those roads and have done so for many years, to see what it consisted of. I did not find it initially easy to access,but got there finally.

I regret to advise that I was not very happy with it. It really does lead to desired reponses both from the assumptions made and the "solutions" offered. For a start, 3-5% of all registered vehicles in these areas are motorcycles, but they are not withn the contemplation of this survey. Many people have use or access to a variety of vehicles, e.g. van by day and car/bike privately but only one response is permitted. Some/most questions are presumptive and the answers are limited to desired outcomes and solutions favoured by, presumably, the police. They tend to be penalistic and negative options. This prevents alternatives being suggested or possible, e.g changing road designs or vehicle design, improved training, periodic refresher training paid for via the insurance companies, etc. etc. Most bike riders will not wish to complete this survey,and with regret I cannot recommend it to them. We are a national organisation and have substantial membership/communication in these geographic areas. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to, I can also provide more local MAG Rep contacts if you wish. Kind Regards, Peter

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