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For statistics relating to the role of speed in collisions visit the Road Safety Observatory and the THINK! Campaign website.

Most recent uploads

How methods and levels of policing affect road casualty rates
Travelwest (09.04.19)

Reducing Speeding in Europe (PIN Flash 36)
ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) (07.03.19)

Report into the effectiveness of 20 miles per hour (mph) road speed limits
Department for Transport (04.12.18)

Vehicle Speed Compliance Statistics, Great Britain: 2017
Department for Transport (17.10.18)

The potential impact of a 20mph limit on urban roads in Scotland
Glasgow Centre for Population Health (03.10.18)

Most read submissions

Speed limits in England (House of Commons briefing paper)
House of Commons Library

The Bristol Twenty Miles Per Hour Limit Evaluation (BRITE) Study
University of West England & Bristol City Council

GO 20: towards changing the default urban speed limit to 20mph
Brake (the road safety charity)

Support and compliance with 20 mph speed limits in Great Britain
University of West England (Centre for Transport & Society)

Interim evaluation of the implementation of 20 mph speed limits in Portsmouth
Department for Transport


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