Title: THINK! and British Horse Society video

Organisation: THINK! and British Horse Society
Date uploaded: 24th August 2016
Date published/launched: August 2016

THINK! has teamed up with the British Horse Society (BHS) to produce a short film advising motorists on how to pass horses safely. The film provides simple advice for drivers and riders, and asks drivers to give horses plenty of space and to slow down when they see them.

It features clips from the BHS’s ‘Dead Slow’ campaign video, which since its launch in March has been viewed 2.6 million times. The campaign was launched on the back of BHS stats which show that between November 2010 and March 2016, 36 riders were killed as a result of road incidents involving horses that were reported to the charity.

The new shorter video, which includes a fresh voice over, has been sent to TV stations for use as a public information film and is being promoted on YouTube. Road safety teams and other stakeholders are invited to embed the film on their websites and to promote it locally.

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