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Title: Cycling near misses: their frequency, impact, and prevention

Organisation: University of Westminster
Date uploaded: 14th February 2017
Date published/launched: December 2016

This paper explores cyclists’ experiences of non-injury incidents, arguing that these are important for cycling experience and uptake as well as for injury prevention. It discusses different types of non-injury incident collected in a recent survey of UK cyclists.

These are everyday occurrences that in some cases have a substantially negative impact on cycling experiences. The paper explores the impact of different incident types on people cycling both immediately and in the future. It analyses what near misses tell us about cyclists’ experience of problems related to road user behaviour and culture, and infrastructural conditions for cycling.

The paper goes on to explore what cyclists who have experienced near misses think might have prevented them. Based on this and on a comparison with common types of injury incidents, summary recommendations are made for policy and future research.

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