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Title: Left-hand Drive HGVs and Foreign Truck Drivers in OTS

Organisation: Loughborough University (Transport Safety Research Centre)
Date uploaded: 7th March 2013
Date published/launched: September 2011

This report reviews the characteristics and common causation factors related to collisions involving left-hand drive trucks on the UK road network.

This study evaluates and reports on the findings from real world accident data regarding left hand drive (LHD) heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and foreign HGV drivers.

According to the Department for Transport there was a 150% increase between 1992 and 2003 in the number of LHD HGVs, and before 2005 it was anticipated that there would be an estimated 10,000 LHD HGVs using British roads each day. With the expansion of the European Union and concerns regarding foreign HGV accidents in the UK, a review of the scientific evidence regarding foreign HGV accident involvement is timely.

A literature review is presented examining relevant legislation, the cause of truck accidents, blind spots, increased mental loads and vehicle factors. The recommendations of the European Truck Causation study to reduce truck accidents and the severity of the consequences are presented.

In summary, the review finds that there are three main difficulties facing LHD HGV drivers which may increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident; cultural and behavioural factors, poor/restricted view of the road and increased mental load. Studies has have shown that half of foreign vehicles checked had serious defects but this is not reflected in the accident data as the specialist identification of vehicle defects is beyond the scope of the OTS project.

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