Title: Roadside objects struck by powered two wheelers

Organisation: Loughborough University (Transport Safety Research Centre)
Date uploaded: 21st August 2012
Date published/launched: September 2011

This report focuses on one road user group known to be particularly vulnerable to interactions with roadside objects, namely motorcycle, moped and scooter riders, also known as powered two wheeler (PTW) riders.

The use of One The Spot (OTS) data to consider the role of roadside objects in the injury outcome of crashes has been proposed previously. This study focuses on one road user group - motorcycle, moped and scooter riders - known as powered two wheeler (PTW) riders.

Review of the OTS database considering PTW crashes where roadside infrastructure has been involved provides the opportunity for closer examination of the causes of these crashes and resulting injuries. It will enhance the current understanding of the objects that are hit, in what circumstances they are hit, by which vehicles and with what injury outcomes for those involved. It is also possible to evaluate the performance of current roadside furniture with examples of the existing PTW vehicle fleet and the potential for improved injury outcome with the new improved generation of road furniture, had it been employed.

A cluster analysis of STATS19 data for 2008 was carried out on 2,030 PTW cases, out of the total 22,427 PTW cases which had 'hit a fixed object in the carriageway' or hit an object off the carriageway'. Six important clusters, based on variables contributing for the crash, were identified.

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