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Cycle hubs, smart secure bike parking (short policy brief)
London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT) (25.04.19)

eBike charging infrastructure (short policy brief)
London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT) (24.04.19)

2019 Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey

British EuroRAP results 2018 - Getting Back on Track
Road Safety Foundation (15.11.18)

Safer Roads Fund Results (reports)
Road Safety Foundation & RAC Foundation (30.10.18)

Most read submissions

Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Review (HD42/17 )
Highways England, Transport Scotland & Welsh Assembly Government

The effect of three low-cost engineering treatments on driver fatigue: a driving simulator study
University of Leeds (Institute for Transport Studies)

Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook
Transport for London

Accidents by Design: the Holmes Report on 'shared space' in the UK
Lord Holmes of Richmond

Roadside objects struck by powered two wheelers
Loughborough University (Transport Safety Research Centre)