Connecting the Country (draft strategy document)

Organisation: National Highways

Date of Publication: June 2023

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 27 June 2023

This strategic plan sets out National Highways’ long-term vision for the strategic road network (SRN) to 2050.

The strategy looks at the trends, ambitions and delivery planning for nine focus areas: growth and levelling up, car travel, freight and logistics, safety, digital, decarbonisation, customer experience, sustainable network development and asset resilience. 

The aim of the plan is to provide a long-term backdrop to the development of National Highways’ five year investment cycles, known as Road Investment Strategies.

National Highways’ ambition is for its roads to be the safest in the world – where no one will be harmed when using or working on the SRN. 

Delivery of the plan focuses on:

  • Safer roads, targeting every part of the network to be rated iRAP (International Road Assessment Programme) three-star or above, where possible 
  • Safer people and vehicles through driver education and campaigns, minimum standards of vehicle connectivity and dynamic network management 
  • Safer speeds, improved post-collision response and road safety management
  • Digital design and construction to reduce risk associated with road works and maintenance activities

National Highways is encouraging road safety professionals to provide feedback on the strategy, which will help shape the final version of the plan, to be published by 2025.

Click below to access the plan on the National Highways website: