Developing and Measuring Safety Performance Indicators at Sub-National Level: Roundtables Summary Report

Organisations: Agilysis & Road Safety GB

Date of Publication: May 2022

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 31 May 2022

Road Safety GB, with support from the DfT, has provided a number of professional development, networking, and research outputs for the last five years, relating to road safety data. These have included the annual ‘Joining the Dots’ conference, a regional ‘Champions Network’ with support for local events, plus resources, webinars and reports to help those who work in the sector.

Increasingly, focus has moved away from simply reviewing historic data such as STATS19, and there is growing interest in accessing other information to help explain and demonstrate the levels of safety on the road network. The topic of Safety Performance Indicators has attracted international attention, as well as within the UK, and this roundtable was commissioned to help understand more about this area, and the role of government and local authorities in developing and measuring them.

To assist its members and the wider road safety profession, Road Safety GB Research Director Matt Staton, together with the team at Agilysis, agreed the outline of a series of roundtable events which would bring together those who are actively working in this area. This report is the summary output of these events.

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