Driving Tired Kills (campaign)

Organisation(s): Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government

Date of launch: February 2023

Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 21 February 2023

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland are running a campaign with a clear message for all drivers – ‘Driving Tired Kills’.

In 2020, fatigue was a contributing factor in 3% of fatalities. However, experts estimate that the real figure is much higher, with up to 20% of all collisions involving driver fatigue.

Many of the counter measures used by drivers to combat tiredness (opening a window, turning up the radio or pinching themselves) have been shown to be ineffective.

Instead, the Driver Fatigue campaign urges driver to take regular breaks, stop to rest and have a coffee, and plan ahead to avoid driving tired.

The advertisement features a striking close-up of a tired driver’s eye, with the road ahead reflected in it. After a long blink the road re-appears in the eye, however the car drifts towards the centre of the road as the eye droops further and remains closed, resulting in a head on collision with another car and devastating consequences.

The campaign ran across a number of channels throughout Scotland including TV, digital, outdoor (including advertising at service stations), social media and radio.

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