E-scooters: public perceptions

Organisation: Kantar on behalf of DfT
Date of Publication: October 2021
Uploaded to Knowledge Centre: 18 November 2021

This social research project into the public perception towards e-scooters and their use was commissioned by the Department for Transport and carried out by Kantar.

This project consisted of a nationally representative survey, telephone interviews and an online community in which participants completed a series of qualitative research activities.

The two reports from the research study include fieldwork for the:

  • Nationally representative survey that took place in January 2020
  • Telephone interviews and online communities that took place between March and June 2020

The key findings of the research were that:

  • There was a moderate level of knowledge of e-scooters
  • Legislation, regulation and education could increase public acceptance and interest in using e-scooters

These finding will be used to feed into and shape the national e-scooter trials, which started in July 2020.

Access the report via the gov.uk website: