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    City of Derby A5111 Manor Road Central Reservation Gap (Harbourage) junction with Eastwood Drive Forward Visibility Dangers for Right Turners & U Turners.
    Following changes to the road layout of the Manor Road / Eastwood Drive junction, NorthEastwood Road Safety Campaign and local residents are concerned about the road dangers caused by the forward visibility splay being significantly obstructed when the central reservation gap is occupied simultaneously by vehicles waiting to turn in opposite directions.
    Is the forward visibility in this road layout acceptable? And would it be approved by a Road Safety Audit for a trunk road?
    Any comments and guidance/information to help with road safety at this location would be helpful.
    For any queries or clarification, please contact us:
    Andrew Fraser

    With so little information to go on, it would be foolish to commit oneself to answering these questions. It may be that the layout is the best that can be achieved within whatever constraints apply. If the change has been substantial, it may be that a safety audit has been carried out. Why not ask the roads authority for a copy? Wouldn’t most drivers wait until the blocking vehicle had moved off before turning, anyway?


    History of changes to the A5111 junction can be viewed via the link below:

    Originally it was small gap in the central Reservation for Residents to access their homes in and out of a 20 mph zone.
    Derby City Council opened the central reservation gap and added a deceleration lane marking the road with a right turn which diverted main road traffic away from A5111 controlled traffic light junction with dedicated right urn filter lane only 300 yards further.
    Residents complained about the restriction of the right turn out without the correct Traffic Restriction Order and the Council accepted hatched an area on the central reservation for right turners.
    However, the waiting positions of vehicles on central reservation junction now are in conflict as shown in the diagram of the initial post, visibility is obstructed for a clear line of sight of on coming 40 mph traffic.
    Major changes such as carried out to the A5111 a trunk road should require a Road Safety Audit.
    We have asked the Council via Freedom of Information for a Road Safety Audit and Visibility Splay Test and approval records for the A5111 junction, and the Council’s response was ‘information not held’
    Any help or advise to help clarify our query would be most appreciated.
    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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