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    Ian Cook

    My colleagues and I are looking to purchase a driving simulator for work in schools and colleges. Can anyone recommend a simulator that is easily portable and appropriate for educational work. Thank you.


    Hi Ian – I’ve just registered so I can contact you – I can help you with this. I am the UK distributor for STISIM-Drive driving simulation software. I’ve installed it at many leading Universities around the UK (Cambridge, Southampton, Nottingham and many others) and also at Jaguar Landrover. Its also a system I’ve sold to hospital trusts for driver rehab and assessing fitness to drive. Its an affordable set-up and very user friendly – such that students/users have been able to build their own scenarios for training, experiments, research, running trials, etc.

    Within the education sector, simulators in schools/colleges can be used for students that might be too young to learn formally in a vehicle, or who would like additional training outside of regular lessons, and also for those who might be interested from a programming perspective on learning how to build driving scenarios and then test themselves and/or their friends (so it could be incorporated into teaching curricula). Depending on your needs we have cloud-based driver assessment tools as well.

    Please contact me so we can chat some more about what might be possible – alex@openroadsim.com



    Andrew Fraser
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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