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    Keith Millard

    Now that the e-scooter trial has been extended again, we are considering some social media locally + targeted mailing to remind people of the rules/regulations. We would like to know if anyone else has done anything similar and, in particular how successful it has been.

    Max Moorcock

    Hi Keith,
    We have been running social media campaigns since early last year, and wrote to schools in September, all in colaboration with the local Safer transport police team, with updates following the Queen’s speach (and the misconception they will soon be legalised). Unfortunetly it does not seem to have slowed the spread of them, with parents using them to bring children to school, and one teacher charging one in the corner of the classroom as I explained to her year six class the legalities. I have also (with the STT team) made up signs to hang on parked E scooters etc, explaining to the owner the legal implications.

    Hackney is not participating in any rental schemes, so none are legal on our roads or pavements and there is no conflict there.

    I have to say having spent another summer term speaking to year five and six children, that their understanding of the law around them has improved (on avarage only about 10% knew in 2020, but that was closer to 70% this term), and I would say from discussions with the public it’s about the same for adults, but this has not translated to complience.

    The Met (having seized almost 4000 between Jan and Nov) were instructed to just advise in Dec 2021 so there is little enforcement going on to support our awareness campaigns.

    Sorry not to be able to help more.

    Rebecca James

    Hi We’ve done some stuff on social media and also had a small quantity of leaflets produced.
    Happy to share our resources if they would be of use.

    Carol Watson

    Hi, I would be interested to see the resources that you have used if you would be happy to share?

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    Rebecca James

    Hi – yes that’s fine. Let me know your email address and i’ll send them on.

    Andrew Fraser

    Apologies for being slightly off the topic. E-scooters are here (in Stirling), but our biggest problem is cycling on footways and footpaths, which is getting steadily worse … I have suggested to the local council (whose actions are partly to blame) that a campaign involving lamp column sleeves – although I detest outdoor advertising – with an appropriate (GERROFF) message might help. It seems that Rule 64 (one of the simplest) of the Highway Code has been “forgotten”, not to mention the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 section 129 (5), of which even Mr Plod seems unaware.
    I dread the coming of e-scooters …

    Keith Millard

    Thank you all for your responses and I would be grateful if you could share your resources with me Rebecca.

    My email address is: kmillard:kierwsp.co.uk

    Many thanks


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