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    Ruth Gore

    Hi folks,
    Does anyone have a good link to a website that explains how prescribed / over the counter medication can affect your driving. I’m not talking about the DfT drug driving list but medicines in general. Thanks

    Ruth, Safer Roads Humber


    Hi Ruth,

    GEM have a leaflet that you can use which can be found here – https://www.motoringassist.com/pagefiles/421/gem-meds-leaflet.pdf

    Carla Leowe

    E: clowe@westminster.gov.uk
    T: 07817054601


    Very comprehensive guide here Ruth from New Zealand Transport Authority. Covers ‘conditions’ rather than medications but may be useful?



    E: tiltyuk@yahoo.com



    just responding to your request for information on the effects of medication on driving. There was a report published by the EC around 3 years ago on Fitness to Drive covering things like age, training, licencing etc. but there is also a short section on medication and impact on driving along with some references which yo could follow up on.

    I think you may be able to download it using the following link

    Best wishes

    Andrew Morris

    E: a.p.morris@lboro.ac.uk
    T: 07974 824476


    Hi Ruth,

    You’ve been offered some helpful reference points in response to your post, but the general rule is simply that the driver must be fit for purpose. Any illness, or medication, whether prescribed, or over the counter that could undermine a persons ability to drive and I would suggest is evidenced by their driving falling below a reasonable standard, could make them liable at law, be it unfit to drive, or driving without due care.

    You might also want to consider the insurance implications of being unfit, as insurance companies are likely to take a very dim view of anyone failing to comply with the policies terms of contract.

    Hope this helps.

    Alan Holt

    E: alandholt@btinternet.com
    T: 07785264021

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