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    Neil Swanson

    We’d be interested to understand anyone’s experience with the adoption of EVs. As a general rule driver workload is reduced, along with vibration. We have anecdotal feedback from our membership base that fatigue is significantly reduced.

    Several different aspects contribute, from the enforced rest period due to charging, varying with battery size and capability, no gearshift to manage, virtually zero vibration.

    On the latter, it is particularly interesting that dog walking services that have gone to EV often report that the dogs are far more relaxed in the EV, which results in less barking and less distraction, but may also be an indicator of reduced vibration-induced stress.

    A further area is the impact of the reduced range of vehicles on driving styles. Where drivers have a focus on maximizing range, a smoother driving style is the best option. As the fleet of EVs grown, it would be useful perhaps to relate this to traffic flows and average speeds?

    Telematics data from the rapidly growing fleet of final mile deliveries might also indicate a means of identifying optimum battery size to focus the drivers on adopting a driving style that will offer range confidence.

    Neil Swanson


    I have a Tesla Model 3 and, compared to my previous ICE car, I find the driving experience much smoother and more relaxing – less noise and vibration – all I can hear is slight wind noise. I also find my driving manner is calmer, particularly with the use of one pedal driving and regenerative braking to maximize my range. Thanks to one pedal driving and semi-autonomous features, I feel less tired when making longer journeys.

    Also on longer journeys, use of super charger stations are a welcome break where myself and passengers can stretch our legs and use toilet facilities, before continuing on the journey – as this is mandatory with an EV, it forces me to take a break and feel more alert and refreshed for the remainder of my journey.

    Joshua Bennett

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