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    Amanda Soanes

    We are working on an initiative for schools to help with their parking issues, as it’s a constant issue. We have no name for the intervention yet but it is based around a “parking promise or pledge” which we hope parents/carers will sign up to. The aim is to promote responsible parking which will help keep children safe when they are dropped off or picked up outside school.

    Does anyone who has run similar interventions have any evidence/feedback on the effectiveness of this type of initiative, that they could share? I have found research on how the brain works and how we feel when breaking promises which has been helpful but not on specific parking promise/pledge schemes.

    Andrew Fraser

    I don’t know how serious in terms of safety this really is, but I live opposite a primary school, and the number of children being transported to school by car certainly causes inconvenience. Particularly annoying is the total disrespect for parking restrictions shown by many parents (most unable to park the right way round, never mind anything else) and parents who sit for up to half-an-hour with their engines running. Mention it, and one is faced with a torrent of abuse. I doubt whether promises or pledges will have any effect on the hard core, or the cohort who are always late, and I think the next step, locally, will be:

    School Streets

    I know that doesn’t answer the question …


    Andrew Fraser

    Had a meeting with the Community Council concerning this problem. I said nothing, but let the other 11 who attended (including a teacher form the school) talk amongst themselves. Ours is a primary school remote from main roads, but with around 6 approaches to it, via surprisingly wide suburban streets. There was no conclusion, but the mood seemed gradually to shift towards school streets, with parents being encouraged to drop/uplift on a “circular” route around the vicinity (we’re more or less surrounded by the River Forth) where there are no houses on either side, or only on one side. I guess we’re luckier than most. Next steps are to approach the parents involved and the local Council.

    Napier University has done some work on the matter.

    Download: School Streets Closure Traffic Displacement Literature Review FINAL.pdf

    Again, I realise that this doesn’t answer the question, but I feel that there’s something inevitable about it!

    It is simply not possible to enforce the relevant regulations (parking and engine-running), or to reduce the congestion and inconvenience (especially to hard-pressed delivery drivers) any other way …

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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