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    Our small team of ‘Independent travel trainers’ would like to visit a European country to see how they train students aged 11-19 with additional learning needs and/or a disability to travel independently to school or college. Transporting students to their educational provision is the fastest growing cost to the Welsh education budget and in these times of austerity, it is likely other local authorities need to reduce the financial burden. Enabling students with an educational statement who qualify for taxi/minibus school transport to travel independently (walking/wheeling/using public transport) greatly enhances their likelihood of gaining employment, friends and improved mental and physical health. Having recently researched the topic for my Masters, the issue is under-researched and the little literature that exists is either North American/Australian or more than twenty years old. Do you have European partners that we could contact regarding a visit? Thank you very much for any assistance.


    Sarah Collins

    Hi Germaine, very interested in how you run your independent travel team, please could you get in contact with me.
    Many thanks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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