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    Tim Helstrip
    Peterborough Advanced Motorcyclists is an independent road safety charity and IAM Roadsmart local group.  We are currently working towards obtaining funding from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough VisionZero partnership to encourage a greater uptake of advanced motorcycle training.  There appear to be a number of studies that point to the different behaviour, attitude and riding practices of advanced riders, but none yet that I have seen that provides a correlation between Advanced Rider Training and a reduction in the number and severity of accidents that the trained riders may have.
    If you can think of any studies that may lead in the right direction or other information that may be useful, I would be grateful.  Also, I am keen to include in our submission and method for measuring the changing attitude and behaviour of candidates as they go through the training and post graduation.  I have read the ‘abstract’ for the paper that created the 43 question MRBQ – Motorcycle Rider Behaviour Questionnaire – but have yet to find the paper, or the actual questionnaire.  If you have access to this, or can recommend an alternative method of evaluation of the project, then that also will be gratefully received.

    A Study was made by Brunel University some years ago, suggesting that IAM Advanced Drivers and Riders were between 50 and 75% less likely to have a blameworthy accident. I can’t find an immediate reference at present as the study was made some years ago.

    Rod Harrison
    Gloucestershire Advanced Motorists

    Andrew Fraser

    Hello, Tim.

    My original post seems to have disappeared, but I think I suggested that you contact: as he has had some experience in using an MRBQ.

    Amongst his work is:


    Andy Garden

    Hi Tim,
    thanks for reminder on the MRBQ and have since had another read. Linking out to your scenario, I could see that even if the questions were answered, the results could take quite a bit of analysis to reach a meaningful outcome. In broad terms it looked as if the results would be of more use as an overview and for strategic planning rather than have much of a reliable outcome for the relative small numbers of a single group, even if that group was IAM as a whole!
    What I’m suggesting is to be mindful that before including it in your proposal, consider if you/your group could conduct, complete and analyse the results to meet your needs. I’ve yet to find the original document and income ways that suggests its more of an academic paper than a ‘real world’ one


    Here you can find a different point of view:

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