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    David Jenkins

    I’m working on a project regarding stopping distances of lorries from 7.5 – 40 tonne travelling at 30mph in weather conditions ranging from dry, wet to adverse with snow and ice etc . I was wondering if you have any details on this, other than that which I can find in the Highway Code. Do you know of any recordings that have been carried out in test conditions that shows what happens when a lorry has to stop in these conditions? Many thanks

    Andy Garden

    Hi, a few years ago one of the truck magazines used to included braking details. In broad terms they tended to show HGVs were braking at the rates cars used to. With such variable weather conditions and then vehicle axle No / weight plus technology conditions, the best results would come from physical tests relating them to specific permutations. And that’s before we debate the reaction time used for the overall stopping distance in the HC! You could consider extrapolating some results, but they could fail quite readily if they were challenged.
    Are we looking at something for a specific purpose or general data?
    By all means ping me a message

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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