Mobile:Engaged – Innovators & innovations in preventing mobile phone use while driving

Keele University

Amount awarded
£75,096 + £9,451 Impact Funding


Uploaded to Knowledge Centre
8 June 2022

This resource has been produced to help road safety practitioners design effective methods of deterring mobile phone use among drivers. The compendium is a result of the 13-month ‘Mobile:Engaged’ project, funded by the Road Safety Trust and carried out by researchers at Keele University.

The project team, led by Dr Helen Wells, looked at a range of projects to help practitioners build academic research into their activities, think critically about their approaches and explore methods of evaluating their work.

The new compendium is intended to be of benefit to a wide range of people interested in improving road safety.

As well as sharing good practice between practitioners, there is information for police officers, road safety officers, technology companies, charities, drama groups and schools.

Click the link below to view the compendium: